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Design, Building, and Construction Services

Ho2 Design and Construction is a one-stop design, building and construction solution provider. Our key services offerings can be categorised into the five following sections below.

1) Additions and Alterations

Ho2 Design and Construction has successfully completed numerous additions and alternations works in Singapore. Also commonly known as A&A for short, typical scope of such additions and alterations work includes changes to existing building structures, conservation and restoration of buildings, additions and alterations to roof profiles, mezzanines, front/rear/side facade, staircases, lifts, structural strengthening, as well as extensions to existing building structures. Read more.

2) Architecture Design

Architecture design is the design planning and the layout of spaces to suit their specific purposes, and involves many different elements coming together including construction, materials, design, manipulation of natural wind and light as it relates to shadows. It primarily deals with the exterior design of the development, and affects the interior layout and allocation of spaces to suit their functional purposes. As architecture design is intrinsically linked with actual construction, we take serious considerations into form, texture, structure, materials, surroundings, mass, and costs before embarking on the design of any building or space. Read more.

3) Building and Construction

The core of what we do, and the major part of work that brings the development into realisation. Building and construction has to do with the execution and physical assembly of all design, engineering, structural and finishing elements according to the pre-defined plans, designs and specifications.

Quality workmanship is the most critical part during the building and construction stage. With a team of highly skilled, dedicated and experienced consultants, site supervisors, artisans, craftsmen, and workmen, Ho2 Design and Construction prides itself in the flawless execution of all building and construction projects under its care. Read more.

4) Interior Design and Retrofitting

As the names suggest, interior design and retrofitting have to do with the internal spaces within a planned environment. As these are also the areas where you and your family will be spend most of your time, the right allocation of space, design, colour, layout and orientation can make a significant difference to your everyday living environment. Read more.

5) Waterproofing Services

A subset of our core services, but no less important, effective waterproofing protects your investment and development for many years to come. The damage caused by water seepage and leaks can be an expensive affair to restore, not to mention lessening the value of your development, compromising structural integrity, and a source of worry, annoyance and inconvenience. Read more.

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